Get a Free Business Phone Number for Your Computer Repair Business

For a the last five years or so, I have had a dedicated, free business phone number for my computer repair business. It’s not my cell phone number and it’s not an expensive phone number through a local carrier. I use Google Voice.I was pretty hesitant to start using an internet-based phone number for my business. But it’s turned out to be an excellent and very flexible resource for running and growing my business. It’s still a local area code and clients who call have no clue it’s a Google Voice number.This is not your typical phone service. It’s basically a single phone number you can forward to other phones you already have – like your cell phone or land-line at work or home. There’s nothing to download or install. When someone calls your Google Voice number, it rings whatever phones you have specified in your account. You can also use it for sending text messages.ForwardingMine is set up to ring four different cell phones. When someone calls, each phone rings and can either display my business number through caller ID or the actual number of the person who is calling. This is a setting within Google Voice you can specify. I always have mine set to display my Google Voice number. That way we know that it’s a business call coming in and can answer it as such.If down the road you decide to hire a computer repair contractor, an employee or (like I do) have a dedicated person answering the phone, it’s very easy to add another number and configure individual options for each.MessagingIf you have an Android or iOS phone you can download the Google Voice app to see missed calls, access your voice mail, etc. You don’t need the app to access these features but it’s easier than going through your mobile web browser.When somebody leaves a voice mail, Google Voice will transcribe the message to text automatically. From there you can have it sent as a text message to any cell phones you have configured in your settingsYou can also text from the app. The text message will show your Google Voice number as the sender.CallingI don’t call out much from my business number but it can come in handy. Each time I make an outgoing call from my cell phone, the app gives me the option to call out using either my mobile number or my business phone number. My business number will appear on the receiver’s caller ID if I choose to call via my Google Voice account. To call out from a land-line you simply call your Google Voice number, press 2 and then enter the number you want to call.This phone number is on my website, my business cards, magnets and advertisements. It’s a great way to have a centralized number without the expense. It’s also great if I want to forward my number to someone covering my business while on vacation! I can still see calls coming in and keep an eye on what’s going on.Sign up and test it yourselfYou will need to use your existing Google account or you can sign up for a new one. There are a lot more features that I haven’t covered here you can explore. Get an account and start testing it out for yourself!Overall, this has been a great service for my business. I don’t have to put my personal cell phone on the web and I can have a single phone number that multiple people can access and answer incoming calls.

Buying Pre-Construction Real Estate

The pre-construction purchase process or PPP is structured a lot differently than purchasing a property that is already in existence. With pre-construction real estate you are essentially purchasing off a floor plan. This can prove to be a complicated task as you cannot essentially experience the product. Even though many condo sales offices in Toronto have managed to create model suites to reflect what certain units look like, you still don’t get the true effect as you would purchasing an already existing unit.Once you have chosen the pre-construction project you would like to purchase in as well as your floor plan, it is time to sign your life away! The agreement used for pre-construction condos is much different that your standard resale agreement. Don’t be scared when you see the agreement as it is significantly longer than a resale agreement. Some can run up to 30 pages long. What is unique to the pre-construction purchase process is that the builder gives you a 10 day “cooling off” period. It is in this time frame that you will have your lawyer review your agreements on your behalf. Once this 10 day period is over and your lawyer has given you the ok, you must submit the remainder of your post dated deposit checks to the builder. This normally accounts for approximately 20% of your total purchase price.A few years later…….By this time the building has started construction and you will get called in for color selection. It is at this time that you will start choosing the colors of your finishes and features of your condo. Most developers also give purchasers the opportunity to pay for upgraded materials at that time if that is something they would like to do. Approximately a year (or so) after the color selection process, you will be given the keys to your brand new suite. In real estate terms this is called interim occupancy. Even though you don’t have title to your unit, you are living in it and paying what we call “occupancy fees” to the builder. This number reflects a portion of your taxes, maintenance fees and interest on the remaining of the balance owed. You are allowed to rent out your unit during the occupancy period, but be aware that you will not be eligible for your GST rebate if you choose to do this. Occupancy can last up to one and a half years. Once the condo building registers with the City of Toronto your lawyer will make the arrangements to exchange title to your new condo for the outstanding payment as agreed in your agreement of purchase and sale.Unlike purchasing a condo that is already in existence, the pre-construction purchase process is a long one. The majority of the time you are purchasing some 2-5 years in advance. Even though it is a long waiting period, the benefits can be very rewarding financially when you purchase in the right location, with the right builder and at the right time.

Post Pregnancy Workout – What’s the Best Way For Losing Pregnancy Weight?

Losing pregnancy weight can be a bit of a struggle for some women especially if you have not got your mind around what you need for a post pregnancy workout. Those of you who had relatively few problems maintaining an attractive, well proportioned body prior to getting pregnant, delivered your baby and suddenly realized that you can’t stop piling on the pounds if you even look in the direction of unhealthy food. Others of you have always struggled with your weight have given birth only to realize that all of that “baby weight” did not go magically away!So What Is There You Can You Do About Losing Pregnancy Weight?Whether you have put on a little more weight than you realized through your pregnancy, were perhaps carry a few excess pounds to start with, or are realizing changes within your body and lifestyle are making it a lot more difficult to control your weight, starting a post pregnancy workout routine as soon as possible will help.What Are The Benefits Of A Post Pregnancy Workout?In fact, you will benefit in a variety of ways when you add a consistent post pregnancy workout routine into your daily life:* Faster Weight Loss
The concern of losing pregnancy weight as quickly as possible to get back into normal fitting clothing and look more attractive is the top goal for most new mothers. Losing pregnancy weight adds to their happiness and self-esteem. A well structured post pregnancy workout routine doesn’t have to be difficult and it can get you back in shape fast.* More Muscle Tone Makes You Appear Smaller
With the right exercises muscle tone will develop quite quickly giving you a smaller profile and an incentive to keep going. A post pregnancy workout helps to rebuild your fitness level which in turn helps you get better quality sleep making it easier to cope with early morning feeds.* Mental & Physical Tension Relief.
When you perform a post pregnancy workout on a consistent schedule and allow it to become a part of your daily life you will feel clearer and more focused mentally and will find it much easier to get up and down from the floor and couch to do diaper changes, work with your new baby on crawling or lifting their head, and all of the other exciting activities that come with being a parent.* Increased ease of movement and flexibility.
A good post pregnancy workout will start out on your current level of physical fitness and gradually increase intensity, distance, and/or speed as your physical fitness level advances. You need to recover from the delivery so don’t overstress your body or strain your muscles to the point of injuring yourself, especially if you are a sleep-deprived new mother who is stressed out!Don’t Forget To Have a Healthy DietYour diet also plays a large part in losing pregnancy weight, you need to ensure you eat the right foods especially if you are breastfeeding.A Great Way To Start Your Post Pregnancy WorkoutTake your baby for a walk in the pram, as a proud new mother what better way to begin losing pregnancy weight?

Investment Property: Tips, Guidelines and the Basics

An investment property is any real estate which is purchased with the purpose of financial gain. It is generally not owner occupied but is rented out or it can be purchased with the purpose of resale. If the owner has been lucky enough to buy a bargain it can be resold at market value for a profit. Often renovation of the property will enhance the value and it can then be resold at a profit or held and rented out with a gain in equity.Although the idea of owning property for financial gain sounds simple it is not that easy and there are some things that you need to consider before you start investing. Here are some guidelines that will help you to invest successfully.Set your goals and define the time line. Decide when will be a good time to buy, how long you can afford to have you capital tied up in the property and how you will service any mortgage that you take out. Understand return on investment and know what ROI will be acceptable to you. Good planning ensures that you buy an investment and not a liability.Location is a vital consideration. You will want to invest in a location where the property will be easy to rent out with good returns and where the property will appreciate in value over time.Build your list of contacts. Join a property investment association. The other members will be delighted to share their insights with you. These associations often have regular meetings with a guest speaker on an informative topic. This is a great way to learn about property investment. If you need a property manager you will probably either meet one there or someone will be able to recommend a good one to you.Keep your finances in good shape. Monitor all your ingoings and outgoings. Make sure that rent is coming in regularly and follow up any arrears immediately. Only spend money on items that can be considered an investment and will enhance the value of your property. Set up a maintenance schedule so that this is done on a regular basis. This will ensure that your property keeps its value and that you don’t have to pay a huge repair bill in a few years because the property was neglected. A well maintained property is easier to rent out and brings better returns.Vet all prospective tenants carefully. You will want to be sure that your tenants will be able to pay the rent and will look after your property. If you have invested in a quiet neighbourhood you will also want to be sure that they will not disturb their neighbours.If the idea of maintaining your property and managing tenants is daunting to you a very good option is to engage a property management company. In fact if you are considering investing in a number of properties this is a very good idea as managing a few properties can soon grow into a full time job. You will need to factor the cost of property management into your return on investment calculations. A property manager normally charges around 10 percent of the rent. This can be a really good investment to ensure that your property is managed in a professional manner.As soon as your goals are set, you have a time line in mind and you have your finances in order you can start looking for a suitable property to invest in.